Privacy Policy

Privacy as it should be #

Unlike other apps/companies we do not take your data without permission. We do not sell your data or profit in anyway from your data. We do not include adverts. Your data is encrypted everywhere and belongs to you.

Your data #

When using Tasks without Premium services we do not collect or store any personal data on our or any third-party servers. All personal data is stored locally on your device and is protected from access by other applications.

When using Tasks with Premium service we will store some personal information that you share with us such as email address. Tasks uses third-party hosting to provide the required hardware, software, networking, storage, and related technology required to run the cloud service. You always retain the right to your data and we will never share or sell your personal data with third-parties.

All voluntary communications with us such as emails are stored but never shared. These communications are used to help diagnose customer issues and improve Tasks.

Information we collect #

We do collect anonymous statistical usage data in the form of analytics. This is stored on third-party servers (Google Analytics) and is used to improve the application, service and bug fix along with users feedback.

Security #

All data and information transmitted between your device and the Tasks cloud service uses the SSL protocol. When stored in the cloud your personal data is encrypted.

How to contact us #

I try to be as transparent as possible. However, If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy or the Service, please email me. Cheers, Steve

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