Getting Started

Add your first list

Tap the menu button and select "New List". When creating a list both a parent list and sub list will be created automatically.

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Add your first task

Tap the + button. Give your new task a title, notes, reminder, priority etc. Tap the save button

Alternatively you can use quick add (bottom of your screen) if you don't need any of the extra task details.

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Ordering your tasks to suit you

Use the drag handles to move tasks vertically. Tap, hold and drag to move.

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Deleting a task

Swipe a task left/right to delete it. If you find this feature unnecessary you can disable it in settings.

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Add sub task list

Sub task lists allow another layer of structure. They are displayed as tabs. To get started tap the add sub task list button and give it a name.

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Customise Tasks

Open the main menu (top left) and select settings. You will find many options to customise Tasks to meet your needs.

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Filtered lists

Filtered list are exactly that, a filtered view of your tasks. It does not duplicate tasks so any changes will be made to the original task. An example would be: all non-completed tasks with high priority that are due in the next 7 days.

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Calendar view

View your tasks in a calendar. The calendar view can be enabled from Tasks app settings.

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Import your data from Wunderlist

  1. Export your data from Wunderlist. See Wunderlist docs
  2. You will download a file in the format: wunderlist-YYYYMMDD-HH_MM_SS.json
  3. Rename this file to wunderlist.json.
  4. Move it into your /Download directory on your Android phone.
  5. Open Tasks app -> Settings -> Import from Wunderlist.
  6. You should see a successful import message.
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