Tips & Tricks

Nominated task lists

Nominated lists are a way to move completed tasks to another list automatically. Tap the sub list heading and select which list you would like your completed tasks to move to.

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Paste into quick add

Use Android's copy and paste feature to add text. If you paste multi line text into quick add you will be asked if you would like to create one task or a task per line.

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Task context menu

You can long press on a task to open a context menu to get the most used options quickly.

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Share with Tasks from other apps

You can use Android's share feature to share text from any app to Tasks. When sharing text to Tasks a new task will be created.

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Move completed tasks to the bottom

This app setting will move completed tasks to the bottom of the list no matter what sort option you have selected.

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Share a list to another app

Using the share button you can use Android's standard share feature to push a list to another app e.g. WhatsApp or a printer

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